Maker Culture/STEAM

Steampunk/Art Nouveau inspired design to be laser etched on the soundboard of a harp. The original is about 46" tall and 11" wide at the base.

Design for left side panel of Steampunk Harp. The gear designs will be etched in brass using a galvanic etching process, and the background will be colored black. The brass plates fit in pockets that were CNC routed in the wooden sides of the harp. The original is about 46" tall and 7" wide at the widest part.

A poster of the Mars Curiosity Rover with quotes from Emily Lakdawalla (a blogger for the Planetary Society) and Clara Ma (who named Curiosity.) I made this for my mom to inspire her reluctant science students. The original is 8 x 10.5 inches so she could print it on her home printer.

Logo design for . Logo symbol by me, logotype by Jeff McAlvay, vectorized by me.

Logo design for , symbol only.


Personal, Pro Bono, and Identity Design Work